New lens! | Chicago Wedding Photographer

Say hello to the newest lens in our petit ensemble. We've mentioned that we're planning an upgrade to full frame cameras, and this is one of the lenses that'll be on either Brenda's camera or mine once they arrive. We're hoping to have the first camera by the end of this month, and there will certainly be pictures once it's here.


  1. Hi guys

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on our blog, its always nice to hear from people on the other side of the world!

    Also, I LOVE LOVE that lens! last wedding season we were also a bit tight on gear (we've just bought our second full frame camera, now we have one each) and I did the entire season with just. that. lens. Seriously, excellent investment, I'm pretty you're going to be unnaturally obsessed with it once you start using it.

    xx Kerry

  2. You're welcome Kerry and thanks for your comment : D We're in exactly the same boat you guys are in, and just bought our first full frame camera! I wish you the very best with your coming wedding season and it's so heartening to hear that you had an excellent experience with this lens. We're looking forward to using it very soon this summer!


  3. I love my 35 f/2. It's such a sweet little lens and so light too :) I use it as my walking-around lens! I hope to see some posts from you when you use it!!

  4. Thanks for the comment Elisa! We're stoked to have the lens and it's most likely going to be our walk-around too...although that means we might need a pair once the second cam comes in : D