A status update, and future Dekalb wedding photography

This charming device includes a thermometer, a barometer, and a hygrometer against a wood backdrop.

This one belongs to Brenda's grandmother, and while it doesn't include a clock or a calendar, it does convey a sense of time, change, and sensitivity to information, which is kind of what this post is about.

We're easing into this wedding photography business, and we'd rather shoot a smaller number while paying the utmost attention to each client and ceremony than try to blast away at a higher number and lose a lot of details and information along the way.

While the majority of our weddings this year will be in Illinois, it's also appearing as if the majority of them will also be in the north Chicago area. For this and other reasons, there's a good chance we'll start hanging our shingle as husband and wife Dekalb wedding photographers rather than as Bloomington wedding photographers.

Of course, we'll still be happy to shoot weddings in Bloomington; this, after all, is where things started. But most of the people who find us seem to be interested in Chicagoland wedding photography, so perhaps a change is in order.

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