[Paige] in Bloomington | Chicago Senior Photographer

Paige and I met this past weekend to do a shoot for the fall season.  She was wonderful to work with and a pleasure to talk to.  The entire shoot took less than an hour, but felt even shorter than that. We essentially just picked one spot after the next out of the park, and Paige started posing like a natural, which made my job easy.

I brought two lenses for the shoot but only ended up using one, which was more than enough. The light was great, and the park, while somewhat populated, was not busy enough to be a problem. We walked about looking for scenes and I ended up in the middle of the road and on the rocks by the lake to get some of the shots, but it was well worth it. And a fellow in a truck went by and told her she was beautiful while she posed in front of the benches. It was a good day.

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